Hairstyles How To: The Braided Bun

Help your clients achieve this elegant yet low-key look, created by Co-owner and Creative and Education Director of Gary Manuel Companies, Gary Howse. This quick and easy braided bun is the perfect romantic hairstyle to leave your clients feeling chic and beautiful. See Gary's simple steps on how to create the look below.

Step 1. Ideally, start with naturally curly hair or next-day curled hair (If client's hair is straight, create large, loose curls with curling iron and brush out).

Step 2. Create a small middle part going back only 1 inch from the hairline.

Step 3. Create a square section behind the part and back comb to give section volume.

Step 4. Lightly back-comb the sides and spray with a firm- hold hairspray.

Step 5. Braid hair, then form into a bun at the nape of the neck and pin. Rough up the braid and pull out pieces to give it an undone appearance.

Step 6. Use hairpins to secure shape and finish with hairspray and Aveda Brilliant Spray-On Shine.

[Images courtesy of Gary Manuel]

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