Privé Design Team Rocks Style Fashion Week in L.A.

The Privé Design Team led by master stylist Laurent Dufourg did a record number of shows at Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles this week. Launchpad’s Editor at Large Marianne Dougherty went backstage yesterday to watch the team prepare for the first show of the day, which featured three designers: Tina Marie, Silvia Bours and Cristina Nitopi. Dufourg’s son Chelby, who is Director of Education, gave her the lowdown on the three disparate looks. Let’s start with CrisTina NiToPi where the models sported very textured 1940s rolls but with a modern twist. At Silvia Bours, the hair was parted in the middle over the ears and pulled back into a low spread chignon. Meanwhile, the models at Tina Marie wore tousled ponytails.

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Cristina Nitopi


Silvia Bours







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