Hairstyles Before and After: Bleach Your Way to Perfection with IT&LY Hairfashion

International Creative Director for IT&LY Hairfashion, Pasquale Caselle, transformed this level 5 dark brunette into a dazzling level 11 blonde using IT&LY’s Blondly Bleaching Cream. This new tube bleaching system can lift 1-7 levels, perfectly adhering to hair for uniform results, and contains 2 formula secrets: Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil. These two oils work together to protect, nourish and restore hair fibers, safely lifting strands from dark to light and resulting in beautifully colored hair. With IT&LY's Blondly Bleaching Cream, hair will be impossibly shiny and gorgeous and feel in better condition than ever before possible with bleaching.

To achieve this dynamic blonde color, Pasquale heavily foiled the model's entire head with IT&LY’s Blondly Bleaching Cream using 30 volume developer. After processing for 35 minutes (or until hair is pale yellow), he removed all the foils and blended the bleach through the rest of the model's brunette hair for 5 minutes. Next, he thoroughly rinsed and shampooed strands with IT&LY’s Advanced Color Protection Shampoo. Then, Pasquale mixed Aquarly 10N with 20 volume developer for a roots to ends application and processed for 20 minutes. Prior to application he sprayed the ends with Colorly’s Equalizer 2020 to ensure even coverage.

The result is shiny, healthy, glamorous blonde hair! Check out the amazing before and after below!

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Hairstylist: Pasquale Caselle
Makeup Artist: Robin Devies
Model: Amanda Harris
Photographer: Sean Stromsoe

[Images courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications]

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