Hairstyles How To: Chocolatey Turquoise Hair on The Voice

On NBC's "The Voice," hopeful contestants take the stage in blind auditions where they bring not only their vocal talents, but also their individual fashion and beauty styles, out into the spotlight. Check out sixteen-year-old Juhi's cool, chocolatey turquoise hair that wowed the audience with its reflective, glowing quality.

According to Robert Brown, Goldwell® North American Artistic Team and owner of Hairrobert, "Pops of color and color splashes are still hot and clients are loving the commercial and moderate versions of pure tones introduced into 'normal' canvases. Done with tipping or dip-dyed techniques, it is quite easy and fun to create and even easier to grow out, tempting even the most conservative client to go or it!"

Below, Brown gives you the steps you need to help your clients achieve this look.

Use Goldwell® SilkLift® Strong with 20 volume to create light pieces on the top or fringe areas using a weaving or Balayage technique. For the surprise pops of color that spill from underneath, finesse the light ends using a diffusion technique like backcombing the sections to reduce the strands by 60 percent and painting the ends about one half or a third down the panels. Two to three rows of zigzagged sections is usually enough to dance out of the cut from underneath. Let the style and density choose how much needs to be worked. Process until the palest yellow possible without damage, turquoise and other blues brown out on too orange of a strand. Shampoo and condition thoroughly to re-acidify the hair.

Apply Goldwell® Elumen® Prepare to correct charges in hair to improve adhesion of color. Get creative and use two (or even 3!) different shades with combinations of Goldwell® Elumen® CLEAR, Tq@all, Bl@all, YY@all, and Gn@all. Experiment with other shades like AB@9 or SV@10 instead of or with CLEAR to achieve variations of the desired shades.
Start underneath and work up and section out focal areas. Slice, weave, or combine application techniques when applying various tones of colors. Variations could include - Tq@all/CLEAR 1:1 for a bright turquoise, Tq@all with just a few drops of Bl@all and Gn@all for a deep, rich ocean blue/green, and then some YY@all with a few drops of the Tq@all added to make interesting chartreuse as a highlight. Once complete, process for a full 30 minutes and then cleanse with Elumen® WASH and TREAT and apply LOCK with to the colorful bits created.

Drizzle Goldwell® Elixir over a generous amount of Goldwell® StyleSign® Top Whip mousse mix with hands and apply to hair and blow-dry. Try a bit of Goldwell® StyleSign® Roughman or Full Rebel to piece out turquoise from under the chocolate for a winged, ethereal quality.

[Image courtesy of Paul Drinkwater/NBC]

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