Hairstyles How To: Sea-Blue Mermaid Hair

Learn how to create this gorgeous mermaid-inspired look with our simple, step-by-step guide. Click through to see the steps. [pagebreak]

1. Prepare a selected milk_shake® Direct color with 3 or 4 different levels of saturation by adding the Clearnuance to dilute the color intensity.

2. In the crown area carefully separate a section about 1.5 inches behind the forehead that begins from the middle of the eyebrows and is brought across towards the top of the ear on the other side of the head.

3. Apply Wax paper or foil on top of the strand next to the area that’s sectioned off, facing downwards. This way the hair that doesn’t need to be colored is isolated; and a stable support is created for the next step. [pagebreak]

4. Take a section of approximately 4-8 inches and place it over the wax paper or foil and begin to apply the most diluted color mix over the whole length of the selected strand without coloring too close to the perimeter.

5. On top of the already colored section apply the other color mixes in the following sequence: The mix with a medium saturation from 1/3 of the length to the ends; and the mix with the maximum saturation from 2/3 of the section to the ends.

6. Once all of the color mixes have been applied, comb the strand so that a graded color effect is created between the various intensities of color and a net difference between the three shades is avoided. [pagebreak]

7. Isolate the colored strand by applying a wax paper or foil.

8. Repeat the sequence on the whole section that was sectioned off from the start. [pagebreak]

9. - 11. Repeat the sequence on the whole section that was sectioned off from the start.

[Images courtesy of Z.One Concepts]

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