Fall Hair Color Makeover: From Restless in Red to Chocolate Divine

Last Spring, client Rebecca came to Clark Russell wanting a hair makeover. At the time, he brightened her up to a stunning warm red. Now as fall approache, Rebecca "is growing restless with the red, and wants to go a little richer," said Russell.

ture 2001 6w, with 120 cc of 20 Volume Ossidor developer. I then took slices in foil on the top Mohawk section, primarily where there were highlights, because I wanted to saturate the chocolate brown color. I used foils because I still wanted to leave some of the rich red for dimension."

After the foiling was complete, Clark then went through each section using a balayage technique to color in the larger sections. "I allowed Rebecca’s hair to process for 30 minutes." For easy processing with Framesi, Clark notes, "There is a simple way to remember processing time when using Framesi: add ten minutes on to the number of the developer you are using."

After processing, Clark washed Rebecca’s hair with be Clarked Revive Shampoo and Conditioner. "I towel-dried her hair and applied a cocktail of be Clarked Straighten Up and Shine Envy and worked it through the ends. This, cocktailed with the anti-aging shampoo and conditioner, left Rebecca’s hair shiny and protected."

Clark then round-brushed Rebecca’s hair using the 3-inch Ergo Round Brush, and finished with the be Clarked Arrogance Hair Spray. Rebecca's hair was now transformed into rich chocolate hair with warm, dimensional red highlights.

Rebecca's Spring Color:

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