Runway Report: Bottega Veneta at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2013

Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a hairstyle as irresistible as the beautiful Bottega Veneta Fall 2013 collection at his first show that he styled in Milan.

Guido said designer Tomas Maier wanted the girls to have a "real hairstyle" for the show today - and a real hairstyle is certainly what Mr. Maier received, with the end result proving to be an overall look the ultimate in elegant.

small sections of hair," said Guido.

iron, making sure to leave the top 2-3 inches on the drown uncurled. Pin each curl to the the head with setting pins as you curl.
3. When finished curling the whole head, leave to set and when then when hair has cooled unpin each curl.
4. When finished unpinning each curl, run fingers lightly through curls and then gently brush out with a boar bristle brush for more volume.
5. Backbrush the top front section and then sweep the section across the forehead and secure in place with a bobby pin.

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