NYFW Hairstyles How To: Delponzo S/S 2014

DELPOZO Spring / Summer 2014 Collection
Hair Design by Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil Artistic Director

shapes, and sleek, smooth texture. The volumized styles were parted strongly in the middle, flat on top, with circles of volume flowing back from the jawline to mid-head. The strong shapes were supported and lifted by double ponytails piggy-backed underneath, with fine strands flowing freely down sides and back.
“I was completely inspired by the brilliant rounded shapes, lines and movement of DELPOZO’s designs, and wanted to interpret and bring them into the hair,” explained Corral Calero.
“Our goal was ultimate simplicity - to create a wearable look that could be styled in only five minutes. No blowdryers were needed, and we used one key product on dry hair, Moroccanoil Treatment, which served to condition, style and smooth the hair at the same time.”

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How The Look Was Created

    “Moroccanoil Treatment was used as a foundation and applied to dry hair from mid-length to ends. I made a strong middle part and flat ironed the hair from roots to ends so the hair was completely straight and flat."

ic was placed at the root to offer support for the lift to come. I then brought all the hair back down. Starting at the back of the crown, I backcombed hair from middle to ends until 4” above the ponytail."

    “The teasing, especially mid-back, created a kind of “nest” above the ponytail. I gently combed over the surface of the hair, smoothing the rounded shapes.  I did an occasional touch up with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium (on my comb) when I saw any flyaways on the center part."


hen strengthened the generous rounded shapes by pushing the second ponytail upwards to create more volume and support, and secured them with bobby pins.”

[Images: David Webber for Moroccanoil]

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