Hairstyles How To: Hayden Panettiere's Bold Bangs

Hayden Panettiere had a makeover – love or loathe it, her new platinum stick straight strands with brow skimming bangs are a dramatic change. Taking a client from soft natural long layers to a bold blunt fringe takes guts - here are some tips from Sam Villa, Founding Partner of the Sam Villa® brand and Redken Education Artistic Director to build confidence:

Cutting Fringe: Go for maximum visual contrast between the comb and hair to increase visibility (black combs on lighter hair and ivory combs on darker hair).  Use the wide-toothed end of the Sam Villa Signature Series Cutting Comb to pick dry hair up (in essence, the comb becomes your hand) and chip into hair with the Sam Villa Signature Series 7” Dry Cutting Shear. Remember, always cut fringe longer than the client requests.

Benefits: Cutting on dry hair allows the shears to cut through hair easier; the contrasting comb color helps define the cutting line, and holding hair in the wide-toothed end of the comb reduces tension on the hair, which allows for accurate judgment on length.

Styling Fringe: Use the fine-toothed end of the Sam Villa Signature Series Cutting Comb to dry fringe by combing it in an X pattern (to the left and then to the right).  Fine teeth allow for maximum tension and control when redirecting hair. You can also heat and roll fringe with an open Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr flat iron to create a bevel after cutting. See the technique:

[Videos courtesy of Glow Communications; Image: Donna Ward/Getty Images]

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