Hairstyles How To: Demi Lovato's Blonde Hair Color

Demi Lovato's celebrity colorist Amber Maynard of Nine Zero One salon created Demi’s latest hair color. Amber says, “I use Keratin Complex's Smoothing Treatment every time I do a major color change with Demi, sealing in the color and replacing the natural keratin lost with color chemicals.”

Amber shares how she created Demi's color:

Demi's current look took some time to achieve. Normally, we come up with a plan to get there. Demi is great about not pushing too hard. She is willing to have fun throughout the process. That's why her hair can go through all these changes. I first used a sulfur based color remover to lift the dye molecules in her hair. Not the most appealing smell, but it does the job! From there I will gently lighten the hair with bleach. Once her hair tells me to stop, I will tone her with a Demi Glaze at that level she is, giving her the opportunity to have fun at different stages of her lightening. It took 3 times to get her to where she is now. The last time was the easiest. Basing her a little darker and doing a little Balayage through her ends actually made her look a lot lighter and gave her color a little pop!

[Image: Getty Image/Jon Kopaloff/Film Magic]

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