Jared Leto's Gorgeous, Shiny Ombre

What's up with Jared Leto's hair? The vocalist for 30 Seconds to Mars has some serious ombre going on! The luscious tousled locks first caught our eye on the VMA red carpet, and we've been dreaming of them ever since...

His stylist, Chase Kusero shared with the Huffington Post in this article that he used a hand-painted technique to achieve the flawless custom color. For waves as luxurious as Leto's, the stylist recommends using Redken Radiant Sea Spray to create texture and then bending each piece of hair into the desired shape with a flat iron.

As for your salon, don't be surprised when your clients start bringing pictures of Leto in his leather jacket and old T-shirt to their appointments.

[Image: WireImage/Getty]

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