News: Beauty Portal Launches for Salon Pros

Introducing - A highly interactive, brand-neutral open forum exclusively for salon professionals.

The online beauty community is built solely of, by and for the hairdresser and acts as a resource for personal and professional growth in an ever-changing world. It’s designed to help salon pros take back their profession, help raise the bar in the industry and begin to connect with colleagues who share the same vision, passion, drive, and love of the business.
Launched August 15, this multifaceted website features many opportunities to learn, grow and share. Members can submit or even request an article, share an idea, seek motivation and inspiration, work to build a better business and even gain social awareness. is built on these five points of the hairdressers’ star:
Prosperity – Salon professionals are encouraged to achieve financial freedom by building a business strategy for success. Members can enjoy business-building articles including client retention, merchandizing and recordkeeping.
- Helps hairdressers take control of their career and break away from the current “status quo”. This area will feature local and national political issues, as well as positive outlook articles.
Winner – To help salon pros harness their power, be a leader, and connect with colleagues who share the same vision - Look for subscriber profiles and motivational success articles as well as a community outreach to create awareness (“feel-good” activities like a community garden, or neighborhood enhancement committees).
Expert - Invites hairdressers to become the local authority on beauty. This section will showcase member spotlights, education events and online learning.
Rock-star - Professionals are encouraged to step up as a star in their community as well as with peers. Features incorporate subscriber-submitted style techniques and social awareness articles including local and national charity outreaches.
Hairdressers are invited to share the vision and help grow the community by simply logging on and joining - The membership is free and the rewards are simply priceless!
For more information, please visit!
HairdresserPower is sponsored by USP, Inc., of Oceanside, California – The parent company of ENJOY Professional Hair Care, hbl Hair Care and Health Beauty Life media. It is designed to be an interactive, brand-neutral open forum exclusively for salon professionals.

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