Hair Styles How To: Melissa Benoist's Retro Updo

Melissa Benoist of Glee fame flaunted a romantic updo at the Teen Choice Awards that took us to a different decade! See how Celebrity Stylist Alex Polillo created her look.

1. Apply Joico JoiWhip Firm Hold Design Foam to damp hair at the roots.
2. Tip the head upside down and rough dry the hair.
3. Establish the part and subdivide the crown.  Mist each subsection with Joico Power Spray Fast-Drying Spray and gently backcomb the roots.
4. Create a 2 x 2 inch section on each side of the part and loosely braid each section.  Secure the ends with a small elastic.  Direct each braid at the nape and pin them into place.
5. Gather all remaining hair (excluding the front hairline sections) in a ponytail and secure with a large elastic.
6. Gently roll the ponytail upward, between the braids, and secure with pins.  Mist with Power Spray.
7. Mist subsections along the hairline with Joico JoiShape Shaping and Finishing Spray and gently curl each one with a one-inch curling iron.  Pin some of the waves behind the ears and allow some to float freely.
8. Lock in the style with Power Spray.

[Tips courtesy of Joico; Image: FilmMagic via Getty Images]

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