Hair Styles How To: Undone Fishtail Braids

Whether they're prepping for end-of-summer getaways or getting ready for back-to-school, your clients are sure to want to try these undone fishtail braids. Teaching your guests a new braid is a fun way to connect with them, so their experience in your salon is more than just a hair cut, and they're more likely to come back to you in the future.

Sonna Brado, KMS California Artistic Director from Jaazz Salon in Spokane, WA explains how to do it:

  • Divide hair into 2 large sections, these become your stationary "cords."
  • Take a small section from the underside of the right cord and cross it over the top to add to the left cord.
  • Repeat taking a small section from the underside of the left adding to the right. Continue alternating side-to-side, always grabbing from underneath and using small sections.
  • When at the bottom, begin loosening the fishtail by holding the end with one hand and gently pulling slack into the braid, working up to the top gradually by pulling the small sections that were wrapped around the cords.
  • Check for balance, secure with bands or barrettes.
  • Finish with KMS California FREESHAPE Hot Flex Spray.

[Courtesy of Glow Communications]

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