Hairstyles How To: Sunrise Hair Color

Is there anything as fresh and inspiring as a sunrise? The sign of a brand new day holds so many possibilities, and that’s what Jesse Marcks, owner and color specialist at Au Fait Salon (Madison, WI) and Goldwell® Hair Care Artistic Team Member’s Pushing Sunrise evokes – anything is possible!
Pushing Sunrise
Background: 50ml 40vol Goldwell® Topchic® Developer  + 20ml 11SV + 3ml Goldwell® Blonding Crème + 2ml 7RO Goldwell® Topchic® Hair Color
Detail (Micro Slices): Goldwell® ELUMEN® Hair Color
1. 40ml NB@10 + 30ml KB@7 + 10ml YY@ALL + 2ml RR@ALL + 2ml PK@ALL
2. 30ml SV@10 + 2ml PK@ALL + 1ml TQ@ALL
3. 25ml GB@9, 3ml PK@ALL + 3ml KK@ALL + 2ml YY@ALL
4. 40ml SV@10 + 6ml NA@8 + 2ml PK@ALL + 2ml RR@ALL
Watercolor Glaze (applied to towel dried hair): Goldwell® ELUMEN® Hair Color 35ml NB@10 + 25ml Clear + 7ml KB@7 + 3ml YY@ALL + 2ml PK@AL

[Images courtesy of Glow Communications]

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