Hairstyles How To: Effortless Beach Waves

Create effortless beachy waves with José Eber's Clipless Curling Iron.

1. Start with dry hair. Tip: Second day hair works better than freshly washed hair for this style.

2. Divide your hair into three sections. Pin the top two sections up and out of your way.

3. Taking a one inch piece of hair, wrap hair around the barrel in a downward direction, away from your face; hold for 5 seconds. For a more natural look, wrap hair in different directions around your face, but always make sure that hair pieces by your face wrap away from your face.

4. Work your way around your head until the bottom is finished, then take down the next section of hair.  

5. Shake out curls with your fingers and spritz very lightly with hairspray; you want waves to hold but not be crunchy. The piecey, done but undone look is what gives this classic hairstyle its charm.



[Images: Beach model- Thinkstock; José Eber's Clipless Curling Iron courtesy of José Eber]

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