Skincare How To: Properly Applying Eye Cream

We’re constantly being educated on the importance of eye cream, that if used on a daily basis we’re guaranteed to look refreshed, bright-eyed and youthful.  However, do we really know how to apply it? What area of the eye do we focus on? Do we pat gently or rub in? When should eye cream be applied along with our other facial cleansers and serums?

n.  You should not use micro needling or other penetration methods around the eye in order to increase penetration. The product needs to be gentle enough, but efficient to get your desired results.”
Proper Eye Cream Application:
1)      Wash face with a gentle cleanser.

2)       Tone with a natural toner to balance the skins PH.

3)       Apply any desired serums to the face, neck and décolleté, allowing them to completely absorb.

4)      Now Comes the Eye Cream:
a.       Using your ring finger, apply small dots around the eye, above the eye up to the brow bone area and under the eye.
b.      Gently tap the cream in to stimulate circulation. Try not to pull or stretch the delicate skin around the eye. Tap until you feel it absorb. Pay special attention to problem areas when tapping cream in.
c.       You can also gently massage in circular motions, but be mindful of not pulling at the skin.
5)      Finish with a moisturizer and/or SPF during the day for protection.
SESHA recommends the CLINCAL Advanced Eye Restore with P.E.T. delivery technology:

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To strengthen the capillaries and reduce puffiness around the eyes, the Advanced Eye Restore utilizes a combination of grape seed extract, caffeine, andseaweed extract. For environmentally damaged or mature skin. Available at leading spas nationwide and now online via

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