Meet the NAHA Finalists: DeAnnalyn TEAL

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Name: DeAnnalyn TEAL
Salon: TEAL Salon
Finalist Category: Hair Color

Reason I became a hairstylist:
In the early 80s, when the punk rock scene was in full swing, I was in high school and started rebelling. I had cut and colored my own hair and kids harassed me for the way I looked. In those days, the only colors on the shelves were the ones God gave us- brown, black, blonde, etc. It was impossible to find the colors I wanted- pink, green, purple, etc, so I started experimenting. Like some wild-eyed teenaged chemist, I tried Indian ink and made concoctions of bleach and peroxide. The results were sometimes disastrous, but I must have been doing something right because I quickly became the go-to girl for haircuts and color that were sure to “piss off” the parents.

Best advice I would give to a new hairstylist starting out:
SHOOT YOUR WORK!!! How can you ever prove how good you are unless you shoot your work.

[Images courtesy of Y Public Relations

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