Meet the NAHA Finalists: Charlie Price

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Name: Charlie Price
Salon: Platform Artist and Scruples International Creative Consultant
Finalist Category: Editorial - Hairstylist of The Year - Master Hairstylist of the Year - Classic Contemporary

Reason I became a hairstylist:
I wanted to since I was little -once I started it was like breathing to me. After 25 years it's labored breathing but still life giving.

Best advice I ever received regarding my career in hair/beauty:
Horst always said, "Do what you love and the money will follow."

Best advice I would give to a new hairstylist starting out:
1) Educate yourself and forever strive for excellence.
2) Stalk AHEM (I mean emulate) the people you want to be like (I still do it!-Kris Sorbie -Stephen Moody-David Raccuglia, the list goes on…)
3) Set goals: 3 months, 1 year, 5 years, wildest dream and so on. Direction is everything, stagnation is the enemy.
4) Love what you do -and prove it- or get the hell out of my way!!

[Images courtesy of Y Public Relations]

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