Meet the NAHA Finalists: Raychel Harrison


/strong>: Salon Nuuvo, Calabasas CA

Finalist Category: Salon Design

Reason I became a hairstylist:  My love affair with all things HAIR began when I was a young bright-eyed teenager. I would dye my own hair and experiment with color, which started my fascination with color formulations. At my first day at beauty school, I knew I had found my true calling, and I haven't looked back. From beauty school, to my education and mentorship under industry icon Robert Cromeans (Global Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems), to my certification as an American Board Certified Haircolorist, I am truly doing what my heart desires.  

Best advice I ever received regarding my career in hair/beauty: Always follow my dreams, and do not stop until that dream became a reality. Growing up was not the easiest process for me, as I had to deal with so many people telling me I could not reach my goals. My godmother and father always encouraged me to stop listening to the majority and focus on my goal. If you dream it you can achieve it; work hard and be prepared. It hasn't failed me yet. Today, my husband is a constant reminder of that mantra, winning a gold medal as an athlete in the 2000 Olympics, he encourages me to set the bar high. When we were building the salon, he would say, "Raychel this is your gold medal; go for it."
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