Meet the NAHA Finalists: Andrew Carruthers

g>: Andrew Carruthers

Salon: Lunatic Fringe

Finalist Category: Men's

Reason I became a hairdresser:  I wish there was some kind of mega story behind this.  Honestly, it was because the music industry was killing me and I wanted a “day job” that payed well and was tolerable.  My sister is a hairdresser and it seemed she made a good living and really enjoyed what she did.  Little did I know it was an industry I would fall madly in love with and have a lot of the same types of experiences I pictured I would in the music world... With just a touch less partying!

Best advice I received :  The best advice I received in the last year was when my business partner Jake Thompson talked me into shooting my NAHA collection myself.  He believed in my ability more than I did myself.  I'm stoked I listened to him!

Best advice I would give to a newbie:  If you want to be a star in our industry or even just have an incredible clientele in the salon, be ready to work harder than you ever have before!  I think somewhere along the line, students in our schools have developed this image that a clientele will come to them or the opportunity to be on stage will come to them...Neither is true!  They will need to seek these out with their whole heart and they will also need to be ready to direct all of their focus and most of their time into these goals.  Those that are willing to do this from day one will see great rewards in the long run.
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