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LP: Upstyles? Oh my! There are so many stylists who avoid doing upstyles that the topic has become the big elephant in the parlor. Do your techniques make this touchy subject…well…a little less touchy? Will you be doing upstyles during your webinar?

CD: In answer to your last question, No, but we will be touching on the subject. We do, however, give upstyle classes at our salon. Why? Sonya and I both consider ourselves to be good, all-round hairstylists. And, because our salon is situated near three big hotels where so many attendees of huge red carpet events choose to stay, we make sure that our entire staff can deliver amazing formal looks.

What we basically show them—and practice ourselves—is to break down the different sections of any upstyle, and then only work on one section at a time. If you try to deal with the entire head in one fell swoop, you could have a disaster on your hands.

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LP: What are you and Sonya going to be showing our guests during your webinar on January 12?

CD: We haven’t cast our models yet, so I can’t give you the specifics. However, we will be showing attendees different cutting techniques using all types of  tools; how to bring out any haircut to life with color; flash color techniques; conversation techniques when talking about cuts or color designs; and, we’re hoping to answer loads of questions that users text to us in real time during the event.

Regarding the latter... I absolutely love interacting with other hairdressers, so please type away!

—Jeryl E. Spear

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