CutOuts Fringe – The Key to Double Identity

Sam Villa, founder of the Sam Villa brand, Education Artistic Director for Redken 5th Avenue and a Stylist Choice Award Winner for Favorite Platform Artist and Educator, teach stylists techniques that offer clients a double identity.  On his new DVD, “CutOuts – Your Inspiration for Cutting Fine Hair,” he demonstrates a cut out fringe that can be styled for work or play.

·      Locate the natural part (using left side part for example).

·      Place knuckle of thumb at the hairline of the side part with the thumb pointing towards the back of the crown area.  

·      Comb hair in a diagonal direction from the tip of the thumb to the corner of the right eye.  This forms an offset triangle section to be cut– hold that and isolate rest of hair.

·      Slide closed shears under the offset triangle section and lift hair while sliding the wide teeth of cutting comb flat against the head with teeth facing up. Now bring shears on top of triangle section to push hair down into the spine of the comb while turning comb so the teeth face out (towards you).

·      Bring the comb to the desired length and cut a blunt line with shears flush to the comb.

The offset triangle gives the fringe double identity - comb hair from the right side over the fringe and the fringe disappears for work, comb hair opposite direction to expose a blunt, dramatic fringe that’s great for play.

Tips for Cutting Fringe:

·      Cut fringe dry to ensure desired length

·      Hairlines with erratic growth should be wrap dried with a fine tooth comb before cutting to control erratic growth patterns

·      Use contrasting comb color to hair to maximum consistent vision of cutting line, white for dark hair and black for blonde hair

·      HOT TIP - Heat and roll section with the Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr flat iron without closing to bevel fringe, simply place hair into the Sleeker and roll section

·      Cut fringe longer than client suggests to ensure client satisfaction as a fringe cut to short can loose a client


Image courtesy of Glow Communications.

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