Fall Hairstyles: Perfect Ponytail

The ponytail is a relaxed yet sophisticated style to sport for simple elegant flair this fall. To get this chic look, follow these few easy steps by celebrity hair stylist Naz Kupelian:

1.     For fine hair, use a dry shampoo in your roots and use Rusk’s Deepshine Oil for the ends to fight frizz.
2.     Blow dry straight hair with a round brush to create volume at the roots and make your strands smooth.
3.     Use a vent brush to remove any tangles, then comb your hair straight back so that you don’t have a part.
4.     Gather stands into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band, wrapping the band tight.
5.     Take small chunk of strands and wrap it around the elastic band, securing it with bobby pins.
6.     Section off the tail into two parts and curl the ends.
7.     Gently brush out the curls for a bouncy wave.
8.     Finish with a spray such as RUSK’s Radical Hairspray to lock your new style in place.


[Image courtesy of Image Unlimited Communications]

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