Beauty News: Get Trained to do Lash Extensions with NovaLash

Looking to extend your services? Lash extensions are hot right now - visible not only in the celeb world but also among everyday working ladies and even stay-at-home moms. If you are ready to become an esthetician trained in the science of applying NovaLash's individual lash extensions, then open up the NovaLash Seminar Skills Training Manual. The manual is pretty much the "Eyelash Bible," with 80 pages worth of everything you need to know from technical info on eyelash growth to the secrets of succeeding in the business.

If you register for a NovaLash training course near you, the essential "Eyelash Bible" is included in the deal. The manual even has a pre-certification test so you can be sure you're ahead of the curve before showing off your skills in the salon.

[Images: NovaLash]

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