Hair Tips: Tresses in Distress

Sun, chlorine, thermal tools, chemical abuse. Ouch and ouch. Is your hair sending out an S.O.S. this summer? Breathe easy! The hair health pros at Matrix are coming to the rescue!

The Damage Done
The first step in fixing the damage is figuring out what kind of damage has been done. Most women stress over two main types of hair woes. See which of these descriptions make you say, “That’s my hair!”
Woe #1.  You swim, you sun, you brush, you blow dry, you tease. Now? You’re sporting lots of wispy breakage and it’s getting harder and harder to get your hairstyle to look full and healthy.
Woe #2.  You color, you highlight, you receive regular straightening or smoothing treatments, you’re a maniac with the curling and flat irons. Lately your strands are dry, limp and lifeless.

The Rx For Your Hair Damage
If you had an “aha” moment when you read number one, you’re suffering from fine, weak, fragile hair. It’s like a delicate t-shirt that has been washed on a rock—frayed and literally hanging by threads. Your strands need reinforcement to prevent further breakage and deterioration. The new Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong system is designed to actually strengthen hair strands, because it’s powered by unique formulas containing Intra-Cylane™ and Bamboo. The Shampoo, Conditioner, Fortifying Cream and professional salon Intra-Cylane™ Concentrate work together to add resiliency and condition the cuticle—leaving hair 12 times stronger after just one use.

If Woe #Two pushed your buttons, your locks are likely to be over-processed and lacking nourishment and moisture. It’s as if you over-bleached your favorite black t-shirt, leaving it rigid and lifeless. Hair like yours needs moisture and nourishment, stat! The new Biolage Advanced Keratindose system infuses hair that has been depleted by chemical services with the perfect balance of essential moisture and protein. With the Keratindose daily regimen—Shampoo, Conditioner and Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray-- hair is 90% more conditioned after one use. And get this! A single professional Advanced Keratindose treatment reverses a full year of damage!

[Images courtesy of Matrix]

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