Hairstyles How To: Kendra Wilkinson's Grecian Braids

Former Playboy Playmate and Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett arrived at the Veet Smooth For Summer party at Drai’s Rooftop Pool at the W Hollywood looking radiant in a shimmering bronze bikini and colorful cover-up. Kendra, who is currently filming the next season of her We TV reality show Kendra On Top arrived beach-ready with her hair woven into Grecian braids.

The blonde bombshell and busy mom to toddler Hand IV likes to keep it simple when it comes to her beauty routine. According to her, it’s all about a natural tan, light makeup, ponytails braids, and smooth skin! “I’ve always said this,” confides Kendra.. “When you have smooth legs as a woman, that’s all it takes to feel sexy.”

Her summer essentials are: bright cover ups, Veet Fast Acting Spray On Hair Removal Cream, sun screen, and sky high wedges.

Celebrity Stylist for Rene Furterer, Troy Peppin gives us a “How-To” get Kendra’s beautiful braids.

Step 1: You want to separate the hair in 4 sections from the front of the head to the back.

Step 2: Then you want to French braid each section down to the nape.

Step 3: This is when it gets fun, you want to begin braiding the tails together and molding it as it twists and turns to give an abstract look on the back.


[Images courtesy of Pivotal Public Relations/Eric Charbonneau]

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