Umberto Savone's Sexy Summer Hair Tips

Umberto Savone shares summer hair care tips to keep tresses fresh and fun:

Be a lover, not a fighter: For sexy summer hair, do not fight your hairstyle against humidity. Trust me, you’ll never win that battle. Instead, use a conditioner with a touch of sunscreen in it as a styling product to work with the weather. After all, hair is sexiest when it’s in good condition.

Oils aren’t always the enemy: Umberto Beverly Hills products have sunflower seed extract (to keep hair from getting brassy) and a UV-filter (to keep hair from drying out)—two factors that work with your natural oils. Gardenia, macadamia, olive, grape seed oils also offer a smooth polish and finish. Spritz Controller Conditioning Spray on wet hair, then let the hair dry naturally to condition and eliminate frizz. Finish with Roman Oil Serum—it absorbs into the hair and adds shine from the natural oils in the product.

Protect and serve: Before going into a chlorinated pool or the ocean, protect your hair with Collagen Pre-Shampoo Treatment. When used on dry hair, collagen fills the cuticles so that the hair can’t absorb chlorine or salt water, which can help save your locks and repair the hair from inside out.

After hours and showers: After swimming or spending excess time in the sun, shampoo and condition your hair immediately (this will help you avoid green streaks and stringy hair), and then use a masque to help repair your hair that may become damaged from your fun in the sun.
-Umberto Savone @ABullseyeView


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