Hair Removal Tips: Queen Bee Owner Jodi Shays Shares Expert Waxing Tips

As your clients get excited for the sun, lounging by the beach or pool and vacation planning, it's also time for them to book their summer beauty appointments! While clients may be looking forward to heading to your spa or salon for a day of summer prep with pampering and relaxation, there may be one appointment that makes some clients feel more nervous than relaxed - the bikini wax. You can help make sure your clients are comfortable and informed with these expert tips from Jodi Shays, owner of Queen Bee Salon and Spa. Shays, an expert with over two decades of experience in the fields of skincare and hair removal, has a cult celebrity following with clients including Fergie, Kelly Wearstler, Busy Phillips and many others.

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Jodi Shays shares her expert waxing advice with Beauty Launchpad:

Do you have advice for waxing professionals who are dealing with nervous first time clients who have never experienced a wax?
Bedside manner is everything. I always tell my clients that it is just inevitable that their first wax will be their worst wax. However, it does not have to be the worst thing that they ever did. I tell them that they will surprise themselves after it is over, and how relatively easy it is. With more waxes it becomes less painful. I ask my clients to get onto the waxing table and take three lovely deep breaths through the nose and out. I always tell clients that if they find it unbearable, it is their right to stop me. I always make sure that I just keep chatting and by the time we are done with our conversation, voila, the wax is over!

What are some etiquette tips for clients coming in for a bikini/Brazilian wax?
A lovely warm shower with some gentle exfoliation please. Those clients who wish to still wax during their periods, should wear a fresh tampon and again a shower before if preferable.  

Does it matter if someone bathes right before coming in for a wax?
It just helps. The follicles get loosened up a little and gentle exfoliation helps lift dead skin cells allowing for easier removal of the hair. However, it's not absolutely necessary, and personal wipes are always at hand. For sure we won't wax anybody who comes who is not clean though.

What should clients with sensitive skin do to prevent redness or irritation? What steps can waxing professionals take to help clients with sensitive skin?
Take an Advil or Motrin before the wax. We always treat the skin after with a blend of organic aloe vera, mixed with a little cortisone. In fact, we keep a bevy of cooling agents around for after waxes.

Is it ok to dye "down there" and are there any special professional hair dyes that you recommend?
It is. Some people use strong color formulations that men use for their beards. We refer people to a company called "Betty" which is especially formulated for pubic hair.

Is there a proper maintenance between waxes that clients should know about?
Yes. Keeping the area clean and exfoliated. This will help deter ingrown hairs. I don't recommend a lot of perfumie soaps or creams. Just good old fashioned cool water washes suffice!

Are there any types of wax that you prefer and/or any types of waxes that you would not recommend using? What are your favorite waxing products?
I love our Queen Bee branded wax. It's almost a hybrid wax between hard and soft. It is designed to not stick to the skin and has a buffer in it. When removed, your skin feels soft and powdery. I'm not a big fan of the old fashioned honey waxes. They get too hot and sticky. 

Are there any feminine hygiene products that waxing professionals should warn clients about using before coming in for a wax (or using at all)?
Absolutely! Panty liners are the devil as far as I am concerned. I cannot believe how many clients I have that come in and look as though their "bits" have been through a mangle. Ouch! Those panty liners have bleach in them and when they hit the skin and moisture is released, so is the bleach. I see issues with feminine hygiene products, condoms, lubricants and spermicides. IF you are going to use any of these products, go as natural as you can.  

Is there anything you wish you knew when you first started waxing that you can offer as advice to new waxing professionals?
I learn new things all of the time. I would tell people that you can't learn everything overnight. You have to take your time and focus on an amazing service than thinking about the money at the end. 

[Images courtesy of Jodi Shays]

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