Celebrity Hair: Debra Messing at the Tony Awards

Fred Leighton jewels inspired Ted Gibson to create this polished chignon for Debra Messing for the Tony Awards 2013. Here’s how to get the look:

You will need-
1. Flatiron: to make sure have has no curves
2. Bungee elastic: to hold the ponytail in place
3. Tame it shine lotion: to give the best shine possible

Ted says, "I used build it blow-drying agent to blow her hair out first, then used a flatiron at 350 degrees taken 1-inch sections to make sure the hair is extremely flat. I pulled everything to the crown of the head using tame it shine lotion and my bungee elastic to put in a tight ponytail. After backcombing the entire ponytail I twisted the hair on to itself pinned with hair pins because they are very easy to secure hair and not heavy. I then sprayed beautiful hold hairspray to hold in place and there you have it glamorous, elegant and Hollywood hair."


[Image: Jemal Countess/WireImage/Getty Images]

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