Five Hair Extension Woes Wiped Out with Simplicity

nted new system of hair extensions from TressAllure, are designed to create comfort and cut cost.  Simplicity, looked into the top five client complaints surrounding the hair extension process, and then set about solving them:


Common complaint #1: 

The head-jarring process of applying most extensions, and the often wince-worthy weaves that keep them fastened, leave clients needing an aspirin just to wear their hair! 

Solution:  Simplicity Hair Extensions — which utilize a patented, new comfort-grip adhesive strip — sidestep the sore by fastening flat to the client’s natural locks, leaving the need for pill-popping in the dust.


Common complaint #2:

Hair extensions may be easy on the eyes, but they aren’t as easy on the wallet. Old hair extension systems cost your clients up to $2,500 for just one application. 

Solution:  With Simplicity you can get away with charging literally thousands of dollars less, while still pulling a profit. 


Common complaint #3: 

No busy client relishes the two hours typical of the extension application process.

Solution: Applied by a professional, Simplicity takes less than 60 minutes.


Common complaint #4:

Yikes! Removing the hair extensions of old was a pretty painful process, involving plenty of pulling and pinching. 

Solution:  Simplicity sidesteps the issue by utilizing a gentle remover and your own tail comb to easily detach each extension and then slip it off the end of the natural hair. 


Common complaint #5:

Perhaps the biggest client complaint about hair extensions is that they can look totally faux, which is so not hot. 

Solution: With Simplicity Hair Extensions, quality is never, ever compromised. All 26 colors, three textures, and two styles are made of the highest quality, Indian Remi hair, for a fit that couldn’t look less fake.


Before Simplicity Extensions:

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Images courtesy of Joni Rae and Associates. Hair designed by Vivienne Mackinder.    

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