Hair Trends: GREAT Blondes

Coloring blonde hair is amusing because there are countless variations from deep caramel to platinum, so why keep clients in a blonde box? 

Switch it up seasonally, or just for fun. Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California has a kickin’ Pinterest Board with “GREAT Blondes” for inspiration. Everything from classic Witherspoon, to supermodel beige, to smokin’ Stafani.  Whether it’s gradated, deeper at the root, one-tone, dimensional, buttery, golden, silver or platinum, stylists have more fun coloring blonde!

“With technology and social media, stylists can pull up Pinterest Boards for clients right in the chair – it opens up so many more options, not to mention conversations, about the right color to choose,” says McIvor.  “Pinning your own collection of blondes on a Pinterest Board is also a great way to show people your work…and it feels so good when others Repin it, because then you know your work is being admired,” he adds.

McIvor has this tip for a fresh take on blonde:
Colorance® Express Toning gives the Goldwell® stylist/colorist the opportunity to freshen up, refine, play with or even correct unwanted tones from a blonde gone bad, in just minutes.  “What I love about Express Toning with Colorance® hair color is that in just 5-10 minutes, my blonde guests look amazing for 4-6 weeks! And, I have so many options to create the perfect blonde,” says McIvor. Colorance® Express Toning Developer has an amazing selection of pre-blended shades that gives the colorist ways to control and play, from yellow to pale yellow, to the most beautiful tones of silvers and golden blondes. “Today, time is not only money, it is also the one thing none of us have enough of, with Colorance® Express Toning, time is something we can give back, without sacrificing results.  I don’t know a guest that wouldn’t want up to 20 more minutes and a better blonde,” adds McIvor.

[Image from iStockphoto/Thinkstock]

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