Fill Your Hair Pattern with Color with Graff*Etch Hair Pencils

Graff*Etch hair pens combine graffiti and barber etching. Graff*Etch pencils offer barbers and stylists the proper tools to be apply color to the head. Corner store pencils were not made to apply on a tender scalp and in the hair. On the other hand, Graff*Etch pencils are designed for newly shaved sensitive skin. They are not your ordinary pencils.

Pencils may look alike and the colors may be bright, but are they safe for your customers? Don’t take chances!  Graff*Etch pencils are 7 inches long, each with a built-in sharpener. The colors apply creamy, won’t drip with sweat, and stay-put until washed out. They are also fragrance free, hypoallergenic, and paraben and petroleum free. The colors are blendable so you can create a rainbow of different shades. There are 8 pencils in a pack (red, white, blue, green, yellow, orange, light blue and black). Use these pencils to pre-draw your design before etching them out.  Fill in hair lines, beards and create sharp angles.Graff*Etch Show Schedule:

August 20 – 22, 2011, Bronner Brothers – Atlanta GA,  Major League Barbers hosting Hot Hands
                             Barber Competition.  Info # 267-702-4mlb or 215-669-8357

October 17, 2011, NYC Barber Battle 2-BarberWorld TV at Amnesia 609 W 29th Street
                              bet 11&12St, NYC.  6 pm to 11 pm – info:

November 6-8 2011, San Juan Puerto Rico Beauty Show – Major League Barbers hosting barber
                             battle competition.  Info # 267-702-4mlb or 215-669-8357 or email:

Want to learn how to do hair art? has the perfect starter kit. Great for schools and beginners!  Kit contains: instructional DVD, 10 stencils, 2 color sprays (black/white), 2 cow hide skins to practice cutting out designs, 8 pack GraffEtch Pencils, poster plus much more. To learn more, sign up (for free) at and
use GraffEtch as your referral code.


Images courtesy of Graff*Etch.

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