Dermalogica Denounces Diversion

Dermalogica Denounces Diversion

Yes, the underground market in skincare products is thriving. But for one leading brand, this means war: Dermalogica has launched a zero-tolerance campaign against diversion that promises to have the plunderers—whom president Jerry Wenker refers to as “pirates”—hoisting the white flag.

“At tremendous cost to our company,” says Wenker, “we’re aggressively going after anyone who diverts our brand.” How much cost, exactly? Wenker reveals that last year alone, the company cut off accounts representing more than $1 million in revenues for selling Dermalogica products outside of approved channels!

Company policy states that Dermalogica may only be sold in settings where licensed skin therapists offer their services in bona-fide treatment rooms. For more than 20 years, this has kept the coveted brand out of department and drug stores. For the same reason, the product line is never sold on TV home shopping shows, company infomercials, or directly to the public via the Internet.

The brand leaves no stone unturned in its quest to bust diversion marauders. For instance, an in-house team surfs the web daily to find any sites that are retailing Dermalogica products. What’s more, “every product is embedded with both visible and hidden opportunities for tracking,” promises Wenker confidently.

“We’re passionate about protecting the expertise of the skin therapist, and about guaranteeing that all Dermalogica products that are sold to consumers are pristine,” says Wenker. “Every time we shut one of these pirates down, we’ve made the skincare industry a better place for everybody.” —Grace Green

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