Comfort Creatures

Runway Report Comfort CreaturesThe Duckie Brown man rolls out of bed, throws on baggy layers and turns to American Crew for fuss-free style.

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Designer: Duckie Brown

Products: American Crew

Ask any man, and he’ll tell you his threads must speak to comfort. The Duckie Brown duo, Daniel Silver and Steven Cox, build their label upon baggy separates with unusual draping and an explosion of layers—all creature comforts no man would deny. For spring/summer 2007, the designers dug into the fashion annals to take some inspirational tips from 1970s Calvin Klein, which gave way to a runway punctuated with voluminous shirts, roomy drawstring-pants and jumbo sweatshirts that swath men in cocoons of cozy fabric.

For men, comfort translates to hair in the form of footloose freedom, and American Crew gave the guys that lax look at the show by working with the natural texture of each model’s hair. “Some of the styles were kept light and carefree,” says Craig Hanson, creative director for American Crew, “while we embellished others with volume.” He adds, “The designers wanted the hair to reflect a schoolboy that just woke up and rolled out of bed. It’s very Duckie Brown.”

Backstage, American Crew stylists Dominique Rohde, Al Urbanowski and Paul Wilson worked under the direction of Bohkee, a prominent New York hairstylist, to master hairstyles that are, as Hanson sees it, “very understated.” Though getting that “I-don’t-care-how-my-hair-looks” style called for very little product, Hanson says, “The skills and artistic abilities of the hairstylists is what makes these looks work.”

Score This Look

American Crew stylists applied Spray Gel, a medium hold formula that imparts major flexibility and support. They blow-dried hair after spritzing strands with Spray Gel to create natural-looking lift. Tea Tree Defining Paste added more definition, texture or thickening on ’dos in need, while curling irons helped further define curly mops.

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