What's in store for Martin's LIVE event!

LP: What will you be showing in your upcoming event in terms of updo styles?

MP: I am so looking forward to this special event with the Launchpad group.  My plan is to show several looks both up and down, and half up with a focus on getting better balance, smoother finishes, invisible pinning, and working the hair around the face.  I’m about design techniques more than creativity, and more about style than I am about 

LP: To make the most of your live education event, what do stylists need at the ready to duplicate your styles in real time?

MP: It’s a simple list: some long and short bob pins, tail comb, cutting comb, an oval-shaped styling brush and a bit of spray. A mannequin is better than a person for this; taking notes will prove to be beneficial.

LP: Last thoughts?

MP: In today’s salons, dressing hair up is a required skill and enticing credential. It’s also fun, creative and challenging. But just like cutting, it needs a plan, proven techniques, a bit of practice, and an understanding of shape, texture and the event it is meant for. My hope is that the time stylists spend with me will ease the tension associated with upstyling; give them some unique ways to set their work apart from others; and learn ways to grow a reputation for updos and special event hair.

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