Shauky Gulamani Launches New Hair Care Company Inglam, Inc

As part of the ever changing professional salon hair care industry, prominent hair care mogul Shauky Gulamani announces the launch of his new company called InGlam, Inc. to facilitate the increasing demand for high quality products paired with the latest in new sciences devoted to the salon stylist. Mr. Gulamani's long standing reputation and years of experience building multi-million dollar corporations recently cultivated this creation of his own hair care company to introduce ground-breaking concepts, sophisticated technology and superior hair care products.

InGlam, Inc. will serve as a professional only, diversion free hair care manufacturer devoted to hairstylists, salons and their clients, ensuring the highest quality parts, ingredients and the most advanced science. The company's products will include the development of styling tools, styling accessories and several wet lines under brand names such as GEM (Glamour-Energy-Magic) and Modern Textures.

"With InGlam, Inc., my goal is to bring state of the art technology coupled with the finest and most advanced ingredients to create diversion free salon only professional brands," says Shauky Gulamani. "Through months of research, I plan to revolutionize and excite hairstylists around the world with "innovation beyond imagination" products to generate increased revenues in their salons."

As Founder, President and COO, Shauky Gulamani will coordinate the company's new product developments, R & D activities, marketing, sales, and education along with a full public relations campaign through the company's corporate offices based out of Indio, CA.

Image courtesy of Janice McCafferty Communications, Inc.

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