Shear Force One

Shear ForceIn Allen Edwards’s newly released Shear Force: An Image-Maker’s Memoir, Hollywood’s go-to stylist divulges insight into the hair trends that set him apart from the rest of the style pack, as well as his own personal struggles that made him stronger as a person—and a stylist.

“Many years ago when I was still learning what I was doing in this industry, all of my stylists walked out on me,” confesses Edwards. “I quickly learned that this business is the same as life; you can either sink or swim.” Edwards, who isn’t afraid to showcase both the beautiful and difficult aspects of his journey, penned his memoir as an inspiration to stylists and as a reminder that what doesn’t kill us does indeed make us stronger. “I take all the struggles that come my way and transform them into learning experiences,” says Edwards. “That’s one of the keys to success.” But success hasn’t spoiled him yet: As for Edwards’ work on celebs such as Dustin Hoffman, Geena Davis and Sharon Stone, the hair guru simply states with a knowing wink, “I like to be known for what I do….not who I do.”

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