Stylists & Salon Owners: Reignite Your Fire at a Top Postgraduate College

When it comes to being in the beauty industry, it's all about getting the best and most up-to-date education available. You can do the best hair and makeup out there, but if you lose sight of how to recreate what's hot, you might quickly see your clients heading elsewhere. Continuing education isn't only appreciated by your clients and salon owners but it's expected. As trends change daily, it's up to you, the professional, to be on top of it, anticipate it and to know when a style has passed.

Your passion for the industry and thirst for knowledge should take you beyond what's required. To build and maintain a solid reputation, go big on postgraduate education. Visit schools in New York, San Francisco and Chicago for the latest innovations in hair design. Also, build your personal brand with networking online as well as locally. encourages close management of your online authority. Adding classes from schools like Bumble and bumble University will add to your fame on and offline.

BBU — New York City

As you know, being a stylist is more than just doing hair. It's a business, and you must be able to balance that notion with your creative spirit. If you know anything about the brand Bumble and Bumble, you know, when it comes to quality, they set reputation standards high. The Design School, Business School, and the Network Educator School end the cookie-cutter approach to hairdressing and reignite the passion you had when you started.

Sassoon Academy — London

Learn the core philosophy of clean lines, minimalist design and contemporary styling that's Vidal Sassoon London — the newest academy location. Surround yourself in an atrium of state-of-the-art technology that'll lead you into the future of hair design and dressing. Work towards perfecting your craft by further understanding the importance of shape and balance, how to accentuate bone structure and enhance skin tone simply with a pair of shears and a color brush. Other locations can be found in the U.K., Canada, Germany, and the U.S. There's no one like Vidal.

Aveda Institute — Vancouver

Aveda takes a holistic approach to beauty. It's real and raw. It's not just a brand but a way of life. Take advanced courses in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin or London and you'll be closer to the top of your game, just as reputation management site, encourages. As described on the Aveda website and as you may already know, it's important to be connected to beauty and well-being through the environment. They set the organic standard in hair and skincare around the world. Taking roots in the healing traditions of India called ayurveda, the Aveda philosophy believes in the interconnectedness of all things — respect not only each person but all things Mother Nature.

Whatever the personal goals for this career choice, a career in cosmetology for a person gifted in these skills offers opportunities to work for studios and salons or as independent freelancers. Check with one of the beauty associations, like Intercoiffure America/Canada, for other life altering training programs, too. —Tammy Stein
Tammy is an authority on what's trending in fashion. She loves sharing her fashion and beauty tips with her readers.

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