The Eclipse CollectionEclipse, the name of Angus Mitchell’s latest collection, seems rather fitting: This co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems is poised to eclipse the talent associated with his father, the late—and much beloved—Paul Mitchell.

Geometric, adaptable and glamorous, The Eclipse Collection takes the art of precision cutting and intricate styling to brave, new heights.

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Eyes peek seductively from under a shade of strong, blonde fringe in the Becca cut. “Concave and convex layers and disconnections make this a very versatile cut,” explains DJ Muldoon, director of education for A Robert Cromeans Salon and Angus Mitchell team artist. “There’s nothing cookie-cutter about it.”

“My father’s work with geometric shapes and his ‘less is more’ approach was a big influence for the Becca cut,” says Angus Mitchell. “The hair is cut into three panels, and all of the elements shift and work together.”


Punky and funky, tousled yet styled, the Crystal cut glams up the bed-head ’do to the max. “Short haircuts today demand versatility,” enthuses Mitchell. “This look was based on a looser geometric shape that has more options to move around and change it up. The result is a softer take on ‘rocker chic’—it’s a classic approach to a trend cut.”


Ebbing and flowing into a sea of styled tendrils, the Lyndsey cut epitomizes glamour and decadence. “Long hair is glam, and glam is in,” smiles Mitchell. “Anyone can create a long haircut. As a hairdresser and an artist, it’s important to change your approach. It saves you from becoming bored or redundant.”

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