Hairstyles How To: How To Get A Killer Blowout In Seven Steps

Va-Va-Volume is Trending for Fall 2013; Follow These Tips to Get a Straight-Off-the-Runway Look with tips from Eufora Intl!

Step 1: It’s important to remember the key to creating volume isn’t just curling irons and an overload of hairspray - it’s the blowout technique and concentration on the roots. Start with Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Bodifying Shampoo and Conditioner, making sure to massage product directly into scalp before rinsing.  This shampoo/conditioner duo provides gentle cleansing and weightless moisture to rejuvenate dry, brittle and damaged hair. Normal, fine, thin, and thinning hair that requires volume will look luxurious and brimming with body and bounce.

Step 2: Next, detangle hair with a large, wide tooth comb. Use a quarter-size amount of Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Beautifying Serum™ on damp hair to create a frizz-free, loose and textured look. It locks in moisture leaving hair silky smooth and creates beautiful shine and vibrant color.

Step 3: Get rid of dampness. Instead of towel drying, work excess water out of hair by tilting the head backwards and then shaking head back and forth. Rake fingers through hair to help pull additional excess water from hair.

Step 4: Section out hair. Take index finger and part hair from ear to ear. Once hair is sectioned out, start at the back using a “power dry” technique. To do this, pull hair away from the scalp with fingers so it’s 3 inches from the head. Then, blow-dry the first 3-inches of hair from the roots, pointing the dryer outwards. Be sure to use a nozzle to control heat flow and frizz. It’s important that the interior of hair is 100 percent dry so you can control the hair closest to the head and get lots of volume right from the get go.

Once the interior of the hair is dried, proceed to ends by placing a round brush under hair, making sure to point the blow dryer outwards. Continue until entire back of head is blow-dried.

Step 5: Once finished, blow-dry sections around the face. Repeat the “power dry” technique of pulling hair away from the scalp with fingers and drying the first 3 inches starting at the root. Then, place the round brush behind the front sections, with blow dryer pointed down and away from the face.  Do the same on opposite side.

Step 6: Once hair is blow-dried, boost those roots with Eufora’s Powder Lift™! This liquid powder uses ionic repulsion – picture what happens when two magnets of the same charge are placed next to one another, they repel! This will give roots instant, mega volume. Turn blow dryer to cool setting to close cuticle and restrict hair from flying away.

Step 7: Lock in the style. Spray Eufora’s Uplift Finishing Spray™ throughout hair. This maximum hold, fast drying spray adds a lasting hold to prolong the blow out. It locks out humidity for zero-frizz and protects against color fading.


[Image: Thinkstock/iStockphoto]

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