Salon Marketing: What To Post and When to Create That Summer Feeling Buzz

Valorie Reavis, digital marketing guru and founder of The Shout Lounge, shares how to build some summer loving on the social networks:

Social network is all about networking – surprise, surprise! And there is nothing so good for nurturing your network than posting relevant interesting comments that build to a crescendo. And what is everyone looking towards now – yep, you guessed it, their summer holiday. So cash in on that feel good feeling by talking up the summer loving vibe as often as you can.

•    Summertime is here, so whenever the sun shines start making references to holidays and long balmy evenings. Increase the references as summer peaks. Are you surfing the web for holiday ideas? Share them on Facebook and encourage clients to add their holiday memories.
•    Think about what summer represents to most people – a change. A brighter (hopefully), more relaxed season of renewal and relaxation. Look for things to post that speak of their changing wardrobe, hairstyles and lifestyles.
•    Subscribe to fashion blogs and magazines; repost, tweet or pin summer suggestions.
•    Build up a summer board in Pinterest to give ideas on styles for the upcoming season. Suggest products that will help clients recreate the looks. Let people know about your board through Facebook posts and tweets.
•    Summer means lots of weddings. Help out your brides with ideas and inspiration, and don't forget to encourage them to book bridal parties at the salon.  
•    Every element of beauty changes with the season, so look for product advice that suits summertime skin and hair routines. Your manufacturers likely have what you are looking for; use a social media application like The Shout Lounge to find summer beauty tip posts for you.
•    Summer means long holidays for the youngsters, so mix up hair-related posts with ideas about keeping little ones amused or any kids’ activities you hear about from other clients.

About The Shout Lounge:
The Shout Lounge is an online application that connects local businesses with suppliers and media to help them access content for their social media and other digital marketing. The Shout Lounge has two interfaces – one for manufacturers and content generators such as media outlets, and one for the businesses to view and utilize the content made available to them. This tool uses analytics and reporting to strengthen the understanding of local businesses and their suppliers in their social media efforts. For more information about The Shout Lounge, please visit 

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