Hair styling products: Glazy Days of Summer

Summer is a perfect opportunity to introduce new products and services. Invite VIPs (your top-spending 10%) to an evening event, complete with cocktails and styling lessons. Use it to introduce them to your favorite new products.

If your clients are looking for a product that adds shine, you can suggest KeraGlaze and KeraRebuilding service. Michael Kunz, Regional Education Director for All-Nutrient explains “All Nutrient Keratint Clear Glaze adds shine and seals-in color between elongated appointments, but it also rebuilds the hair fiber by infusing it with keratin proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Introduce the service in summer, and by the time clients are ready for a fall color change, their hair will actually be in better condition, and the color won’t have faded too much.”

Be sure you give your new service a cool name: Other options include “Color Pop and KeraTreat” or “Keratint Organic Glazing.” Once VIPs try it, hold other events or day-long promotions for all your clients. They’ll book the service but more importantly, you’ll have used the “slower” summertime to educate them about All-Nutrient haircolor, talk fall trends and reconnect.

Created in 2006 All-Nutrient Certifiably Organic Haircolor is the natural choice for sustainable haircolor with long-lasting vibrancy and shine. All- Nutrient, which offers a complete range of haircoloring products, is a brand of Chuckles Inc., which has offered organics-
based Sukésha Hair Care since 1985. For more information, visit

[Image courtesy of Chuckles Inc.]

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