Robanda International and Sally Beauty Supply Stores

Robanda International and Sally Beauty Supply Stores have partnered in the fight against breast cancer by offering a limited edition, Mr. Pumice Pink Contour Shape Bar to benefit the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Foundation®.  The pumice bars will give supporters a new way to participate in the breast cancer cause.

The Mr. Pumice Pink Contour Shape Bar, used in professional nail salons across the globe, and available at Sally Beauty Supply stores, provides amazing results and features a new, easier to handle ergonomic shape.  The new bar is designed to give users more ergonomic support while accompanying a more comfortable, easy grip in a cute pink color and contour shape! It can be used both wet or dry for beautiful, healthy and smooth feet, hands, elbows and knees for gentle and effective exfoliating around toes and soles of feet to remove calluses.

So do a little good while helping your fellow man by scrubbing away your rough skin along with helping to scrub away breast cancer.  That should make scrubbing your feet a little bit more satisfying–just in case you needed another reason to take care of yourself.


Image courtesy of Robanda International.

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