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Color LabPaul Mitchell’s Lizanne Laurin’s latest collection, better blondes, foolproof foil, Logics Color DNA System

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Weights and Measures

This beautifully designed digital color scale from Product Club precisely weighs and measures hair coloring formulas to ensure consistent color results. What’s more, it allows mixtures to be easily adjusted to the specific needs of each client and it’s cost-effective as the exact amount of product is used without waste.

Deconstructed Couture

Lizanne Laurin, the only Canadian on the Paul Mitchell Platform Artist Club, introduces a collection of deconstructed couture looks experimenting with texture and color, aptly named Interpretation. Inspired by the idea of hair as adornment of fabric, the result is a collection that explores a variety of textures with blasts of color. Laurin is a Paul Mitchell senior associate and Task Force member with a 15-year history within the Paul Mitchell education program. The three distinct looks were created with her team at the Hair Factory in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. By working with Paul Mitchell the color, PM Shines and INKWORKS, Laurin was able to achieve these postmodern looks.

Better Blondes

Luxelab Blonde-Aid Masque is formulated for the needs of blonde hair. Utilizing protein complex No. 29, a formula that increases hair volume by thickening its diameter, the product restores elasticity by making each hair stronger. It also preserves color without over-conditioning and protects the hair from the damaging effects of the sun, pollutants and heat styling. Clairol Shimmer Lights Color-Enhancing Shampoo for blonde or silver hair has a protein-enriched conditioning formula that tones down brassiness on blonde and gray hair.

Foiled Again

ZipAlongs Foil is the perfect marriage between paper and foil, and it’s specifically designed for longer hair. Each piece is 10 inches wide and comes with the patented ZipA self-adhering edge.

It’s Logical

Logics Color DNA SYSTEM is an exclusive color maintenance collection that includes nine hair care and styling products that help clients retain salon-fresh brilliance every day. The system features patent-pending Dual Net Affinity technology designed to help retain salon color’s vibrancy. One net is comprised of dual chelators that attract and remove impurities in the hair, such as copper in the water, that can tarnish color. The second consists of high-shine silicones that polish and seal the hair’s surface for optimal light reflection and enhanced color integrity and longevity.

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