Sherry Ratay's Hues of Natural Perfection

Sherry Ratay shares the formulas for a blonde and brunette look from her collection Hues of Natural Perfection.

Bombshell Blonde:

Sherry started with a natural level 5 in the back and nape, and floated to a natural level 7-8 in the front frame.  She first began with using Joico Base Breaker and 20 volume develop for 10 minutes, cleansed and dried.  Next she saturated the hair with Minardi Pre-wash and put under heat for 10 minutes, cleansed and dried. Sherry began in the nape area alternating Vero-lights with 20 volume and Joico Chrome B7 with activator….looking to see where she needed to enhance or erase.  Working around the front hairline, she created more light running through by doing a few that were back to back slices and utilizing her low lite formula within.  She lifted to a pale yellow, cleansed and dried. Next Sherry glazed the entire head with 1oz of G9, 1oz of clear, and activator, processed for 10 minutes.  Finally the hair was cleansed and styled.


Velvety Brunette:

Starting at a natural level 4, Sherry first began with applying Joico Chrome2oz of RB4 and activator to regrowth and pulled down the shaft of the hair varying 4-6 inches, creating a rich velvety rooty brunette. She then began the American Baliage with Joico Vero-Lights and 20 volume, starting in the nape and working up and forward, lifting to a yellow/orange stage.  She then applied Vero K-Pak “HLG” High Lift Golden Blonde with 40 volume In-between the foils only on the last 3-5 inches of the hair strand to create warmth running through the ends, processed for 35 minutes.  Next the hair was cleansed and dried.  Sherry glazed the entire head with Joico Chrome 1oz of B7 & 1oz of B9, and activator, processed for 10 minutes.  She cleansed and styled the hair for the finished look.


[Images courtesy of Sherry Ratay]

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