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Employ these eyebrow-waxing tips to ensure a smooth experience.

Typically, we shield our faces from anything hot, but in the case of brow-shaping, turning up the heat with waxing is just the ticket. According to Susanna Disotto, director of Satin Smooth, the benefits of waxing brows are numerous: “It’s extremely quick, and the effects can last up to three weeks,” she notes. Also, waxing allows you to achieving a crisp, clean shape.

This arch art form, however, requires serious homework. Disotto points out that consultations with first-time waxers are mandatory. Skin type and texture, hair texture, age, lifestyle, and if the person is taking medication all factor in to the type of wax and technique you’ll use—or if you’ll even wax them at all. “Young teens, or those taking acne prescriptions such as Retin-A, shouldn’t be waxed because their skin is very thin (and could tear if waxed),” she says. And because people constantly change (or sneak in the occasional Botox or chemical peel—two other stalwarts to an eyebrow waxing), you should keep a client card that you update with each and every visit.

For those who can wax brow-ific, follow Disotto’s tips to ensure they enjoy a smooth eyebrow-waxing experience.

Hot enough? Sure, wax should be hot, but it shouldn’t be too hot. To test it, dip your wooden applicator into wax can, and then allow the wax to run off the applicator. The consistency should be syrup-like and smooth, yet not too thick. If the wax is too runny and doesn’t stick to the applicator, it could be too hot.

More means more. And less means less. The thicker your client’s hair, the more wax you use; the thinner, the less.

No-rub zone. Resist the urge to rub the strip. Simply place firm pressure using your index finger.

Taking sides. Always stand on the side you’re waxing. If you’re waxing the right side of the eyebrow, stand on the right side.

—Karie L. Frost

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(Photo: Andreea Angelescu)

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