Hairstyles How To: Secret Tips from a Bridal Stylist

Robert Brown, Goldwell North American Artistic Team and owner of hairobert (pronounced hair-ro-bear, located in Germantown, TN –, has watched most of his bride-to-be clients grow up and has been mentally preparing for their big days for years.  He takes the honor and responsibility very seriously, and has these secret tips to share from his experience.

Treat the job like a photo shoot - bridal hair should be timeless and romantic. Try to envision each bride in black and white or sepia to inspire a design that will look incredible for years to come.  Stay away from trendy, faddish, or age-inappropriate looks. A bridal portrait should not be identifiable by a year or era, they are heirlooms and should be timeless.

Not all bridal looks have to be updos. There are endless possibilities for bridal looks, if the plan does not involve an updo, make sure to provide something on the crown of the head for anchoring veiling or something ornamental. A great trick is to create a small cornrow braid about 2 inches long in the crown where the surface layers can cover it. It stays invisible, but gives a solid place for a comb or pins without having to backcomb.

Fresh flowers are always the perfect accent.  Get to know local florists or call the one the bride has hired. They can provide an assortment of the smaller variety flowers being used in the bouquets; larger flowers can be fabulous too.  Just one placed in the back for impact, seen from the front larger flowers can sometimes appear to tropical or too Billie Holidayish for a bridal look, but can certainly work on the right girl. Paired with a beautiful veil, fresh flowers are nothing shy of stunning.




Go To Bridal Styling Products:

Goldwell StyleSign Hot Form heat styling lotion – great for long-term frizz control.

Goldwell StyleSign Sleek Perfection spray for silky smooth hair, works great with straightening irons and helps resist humidity.

Goldwell StyleSign Sprayer hair lacquer gives the final style the most amazing satin finish that looks incredible in photographs…it also holds style through even the most wild late receptions!


It takes roughly 1.5 hours to do a proper bridal style – make sure to clarify to the bride when she should shampoo prior to the appointment. Most hairstyles are better with a half a day or so of natural wear. Having to cleanse and dry the hair not only increases the styling time, it can also result in a weaker foundation for the style and increased flyaways.  On the flip side, styling dirty/oily hair is pointless and impossible to improve upon.

“There’s no need to keep these tips a secret,” says Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California and social media mentor.  “Robert does beautiful bridal work, posting his work on social media will not only advertise that he’s an expert bridal stylists, it’s also a great tool for him to use during bridal consultations, because he can pull up past work on a mobile device to show the variety of styles he has to offer.”

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