Beauty News: Big Things Happen in Small Places

Sure, there are tons of amazingly talented people in NYC, LA and San Fran, but talent is EVERYWHERE, not just in big urban areas. BIG things happen in small places EVERYDAY and Andrew Carruthers, co-owner of Lunatic Fringe Sugarhouse is making it happen in Salt Lake City, Utah. He recently signed on to be the first Sam Villa® Platform Artist, and he is a finalist in the Professional Beauty Association 2013 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) for “Men’s Hairstyling” and believe it or not, he shot his own pictures!!

“Andrew is an accomplished artist and educator, his devotion to teaching is evident as his goal is for stylists to ‘get it’ – making him a very genuine educator. He’s a valuable addition to our brand, he brings an incredible eye for trends and style, a very unique education style, and provides content that directly relates and is immediately applicable to stylists working behind the chair everyday…he is a natural!” says Sam Villa, Founding Partner of the Sam Villa brand.

“We were attracted to Andrew’s connectivity with stylists, his ability to guide and hone skills while remaining personal and connected.  After working with his team and experiencing their skill set, professionalism, high level of confidence and artistry, we knew we made the right choice, only a true leader could cultivate such team,” Geneva Cowen, Photoshoot Art Director for the Sam Villa Brand.

“When I teach, regardless of whether it’s on stage, one-on-one or guiding a new assistant, I have one goal in mind – to hand off information that is useable immediately, regardless of where stylists are located and regardless of whether or not they are an elite hairdresser, a recent beauty school graduate or someone who does hair in a rural basement,” explains Carruthers.  “The only difference between people who are ‘big’ and those that aren’t, is time and energy.  Excellence is in everyone, I like to tap into it and help guide individuals to the next level.”

Carruthers says, “I don’t necessarily want stylists to aspire to be like me, I want to inspire them to be the best version of themselves…because when you break it down, they are already amazing, they just need support and guidance to realize it.”  

Carruthers surrounds himself with people of value, such as Jake Thompson, co-owner of Lunatic Fringe Sugarhouse, a multi-nominated NAHA stylist and finalist this year for “Avant Garde”.  He also cultivates young stylists like Jeremy McDougle, stylist at Lunatic Fringe Sugarhouse, also a finalist this year for “Newcomer of the Year”! Not to mention, the Lunatic Fringe Salon Team not only stands out in Salt Lake City, it’s nationally recognized as a finalist for “Salon Team of the Year”.  

Carruther’s 14-year career has been extremely diverse and built on a foundation of consistent clientele behind the chair, yet many other focuses feed his soul. In the past, Carruthers has worked as an educator for companies such as TIGI and Paul Mitchell Advanced Education. From small one-on-one hands on classes to large stages, his love for supporting others and sharing discoveries has been a primary passion since the early days of his career.  His award winning photo work is what allows him to explore his artistry and inspire outside of the salon, stage, and classroom. As a co-owner of the NAHA recognized Lunatic Fringe Salon (Salt Lake City, UT), he continues to work behind the chair and shape new hairdressers every day.

“My passion is artistry and education, so Sam and I have similar philosophies on teaching, I think it’s a perfect fit,” adds Carruthers.


[Andrew Carruthers image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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