Hair Styles Fashion: Bestial Extravagance with Hairdreams by Jean-Michel Faretra

French Top-Stylist Jean-Michel Faretra presents his new hair collection "Hybrid Woman 2.0," created with the help of Hairdreams hair extensions lengthening and thickening system.

French stylist Jean-Michel Faretra is known for his extraordinary, avant-garde hair creations, which he continuously presents at the major international hair shows, such as Mondial Coiffure Beauté in Paris.

In his new collection, he takes a closer look at "typical traits" of women and interprets them in opulent and unique hair styles. Each look, represented in the form of an animal, represents female characteristics:
Eagle = Ingenuity / Foresight
Lion = Courage / Energy
Deer = "Majestic“ Strength / Leadership
Swan = Elegance / Grace

This collection was created by Jean-Michel Faretra with the help of Hairdreams "Quikkies“ - premium tape-in human hair extensions attached to the hair with a small adhesive strip. They are fast and easy-to-use for creating instant fashion effects. Additionally, Faretra also used Hairdreams Microlines, a hair thickening system from Hairdreams, in order to create more hair volume.

[Photo courtesy of Steven Gunnell]

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